Can a couple of 12-year-olds and a Talking Camel save the Kingdom of Practavia?

A desert kingdom on a world far, far away... 

An unconventional young princess...

A stableboy with a mysterious past... 

One day, a Messenger rides in to warn King Arturo the Peaceful that an army is coming to attack them, and they must prepare.

While the High Council plans for war, Creed, the Messenger's camel, talks to the Princess and Stefan, makes them promise not to let anyone else know he can talk, and then tells them the Messenger is lying.

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Claire de Burbure

MD, PhD, Medical & Environmental Health Teacher

Enthralling and fast-paced. I couldn't put it down! I can't wait to present this clever and assertive young heroine to my grandchildren!

About Me

I've been a fan of fantasy and science fiction ever since I watched my first episode of Star Trek. And I've wanted to write a fantasy novel ever since I read The Horse and His boy.

These Books

When my second granddaughter asked me a number of times to write a book for her, I wrote a draft of this book. Unfortunately, it took me more than ten years to get it published so other people can read it. And one book wasn't enough... 

Other Things I Write

I've never been able to stick to one genre, so I've written both fiction and nonfiction, and books, articles, memoir, columns, short stories, and even a Christmas play.  

When a Messenger arrives from another kingdom and warns the peaceful people of Practavia that they are about to be attacked, everyone from the king and queen to the kitchen and nursery maids are frightened. 

But the Princess and her best friend, Stefan the stableboy, know the news is a lie. However, they cannot tell anyone what they know because doing so would put Creed, the Talking Camel, in danger. So they have to find a way to warn the King without telling him how they know.