The Daring Rescue and Remarkable Delivery by the Guardians of the Realm

When I decided to publish the book I'd written for my granddaughter, I not only knew that after all the work I'd done to create a whole new world, I needed to make it a series, but I wanted to make it a series. I wanted to know what happened to my characters. 

I'm not sure how else to explain it except to say that the many characters I've created over the years still live in my head. And I do have favourites, of course. And sometimes I feel that their story isn't finished. Or that it didn't end in the "right" place. I definitely felt that way about Princess Amber and Stefan, and about Jayan Keffler and Rose, too. Not to mention the Talking Animals.

So, as soon as I could, I started working on a second book. But as I worked on it, I realized I needed to know more about the history of the planet, and about the other kingdoms. For example, did the story begin with the attack on Practavia, or did it begin earlier?

Well, obviously, since the attack had to be planned, it began earlier. 

And that's what led to my rewriting a "prequel." No, it doesn't answer all of the big questions, but it does answer a few of them. 

I decided to make it a free bonus for signing up for my newsletter, at least for now, because I think it's best read after you've read The Misadventures and Tribulations of Princess Persnickety and Stefan the Stableboy

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