In the summer of 2020, I published a book that I had written some years earlier for my second granddaughter. I called it The Misadventures and Tribulations of Princess Pernickety and Stefan the Stableboy. 

Because I was published it more or less for family members, and I was only expecting to sell a few copies, I didn't worry too much about getting a fancy cover. So I designed one myself. And it was okay. I liked it. And I made a map and it was oklay too, if not very fancy. (I write: I don't draw.)

However, a few things happened. 

  • First, I sold more copies than I'd expected. 
  • Second, I decided it needed to be a series.    
  • Third, I won an award and received some very nice comments from a judge.
  • So, we decided to republish the book with a new cover, a better map, and so forth.

And now we have a new book. We're publishing the ebook first, but as soon as the new map is finished, we'll publish the book in both hardcover and paperback.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping to finish the first draft of the second book - The Sorcerer of Elagantis- this year and publish it in the spring. 

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