The Misadventures and Tribulations of Princess Persnickety and Stefan the Stableboy

She’s anything but a helpless monarch. He longs to prove his worth.
Can two special kids and a talking camel prevent a dastardly plot?

Twelve-year-old Amber has no interest in useless girly skills. Nicknamed “Princess Persnickety” at a young age by a frustrated nursery maid, the feisty first daughter of the kingdom yearns for adventure. So she’s thrilled when a foreign messenger’s mount speaks to her… and swears her to secrecy.

Stefan wishes he knew where he came from. Adopted by poor weavers, his only skill seems to be caring for animals. But when a herald’s camel tells him the realm is in great danger, the young lad and his royal best friend are the only two who can save it.

With the beast claiming his real owner was ambushed, Amber helps disguise her low-born pal so he can ride off in search of the truth. And as Stefan rushes into the desert, the courageous commoner hopes he and his conversational quadruped are swift enough for the clever girl to delay her father from marching straight into a trap.

Can three unlikely heroes deliver everyone from darkness?

The Defenders of Practavia is the delightful first book in The Misadventures and Tribulations of Princess Persnickety and Stefan the Stableboy, a children’s fantasy series.

If you like relatable characters, tongue-in-cheek humor, and empowering lessons, then you’ll love J. A. Menzies’s heartwarming quest.

Note. This book was originally published twice. The first time with a different cover; the second time with a different title.